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by Reaper Red Cat Black Hat -
Leakforums Roadmap for 2023
  • Black Market Plugin (Own trading + rating plugin + middleman system) + achievable Middleman Rank / Middleman System
  • Treasuresystem
  • Guardiansystem (User will get awarded for helping keep the forum clean + more permissions + ...)
  • Marketplace for Username Icons
  • Make Awards tradeable + Marketplace for them
  • User owned award purchasable in Shop
  • Add 100+ more Awards
  • Add Prefixes fitting Forums, Sections, Global
  • Groups (Private Groups, Credits Paid private Groups, Public Groups, Own Forums, buyable Permissions for group in Shop)
  • Random Boxes for Awards + Username Icons
  • Add more Items to shop
  • Level System based on Awards, Items, Stats, Credits
  • Optimize Stream Page
  • Achievements Page Overaul + new features
  • Auth Plugin Based on Xenforo API
  • Dymamic Latest Activities (Widget)
  • Global Sticky Threads
  • Custom Message System
  • Customizable front page
  • Advertisement Panel
  • User Dashboard overhaul
  • Bux fixes and adjustments
  • More responsiveness
  • Auto remove empty bb codes

Bigger Projects:

  • Check for dead links: Auto remove dead links / down files
  • Auto reupload / mirror files
  • Automated Post handeling: Delete posts with not working links, delete multi posts, delete spam, delete dead threads automatically

  • Active community, find people to participate on Leakforums
  • Own community build tools
  • Attract Traders to our Black Market Plugin
  • 1 million registered Users in the first year
  • Keep going with the development
  • Find new attracting features for the forum

Scraped sites:

Sites scraped next Update:
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